iMine Classic

Now you can play the classic mine sweeper game on iphone/ipod touch. Same simple rules: There're the playing field, a mine counter and a timer. Tap on any square on the playing field, to start the timer; Uncover a square by tapping it. You lose the game, if you uncover a mine; The number appears on a square indicates how many mines are in the surrounding eight squares. To mark a square you suspect contains a mine, choose the flag item on the upper left corner and tap on the square or just hold your finger on it for more than 1 second. Hold your finger on it for the second time to place a "?" mark. In intermediate and expert level, you have to slide the playing field to see all of it. Switching difficult levels by tapping on the smiley. Check out both local and world high scores in "Scores".


- Local and worldwide high scores
- Friendly & simple interface
- 2 different ways to place a flag
- Beginner, intermediate and expert levels for all players
- No ads

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