1. Introduce

- iRubixCube is iPhone/iPod Touch based mobile game and it was developed regarding the real puzzle game named 'Rubik's Cube'.

- The user can feel it as if real rubik's cube is operated by himself.

- The user can compete with the other players throughout the online ranking service.

2. Features

- Realizes user friendly gesture using iPhone accelerator.

- Online ranking service allow the user to manage private ranking and compete against in the world.

- Attached the quick guide for beginners.

- Sound effect for better natural and realistic manipulation.

- Auto save function to quick save the play status when terminating application.

- Reset function to get solved result.

- Support swipe gestures and slide rotation.

- Double tap the screen to undo function.

3. Requirements

- Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

- Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later.

- WiFi connection. (If you want to use online ranking service)

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