The goal of this game is very simple. The player must gather falling eggs as much as possible.
The game levels will automatically advance when the player’s score reaches 200, 500, and 1000 points. iWolf helps to extend a sense of reaction and helps the players relax their mind. Nice and bright design and good game dynamics are provided.

- Extend your sense of reaction with iPhone "iWolf" game! -

-How to play
Controlling the game is very simple. 4 position buttons allow the player to move the wolf in order to catch the falling eggs. The penalty value will increase to 0.5 when an egg breaks and the rabbit appears to be in the forest. Otherwise, the penalty score will be equal to 1.
The game will be over when the penalty score reaches 3.

-Available features:
--Easy and Hard levels
--High score statistics
--Reset high score

-Spanish, French, Italian and German support is coming soon.

-Please see more at:

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