Think you're good at deciphering personal license plates? Put your skills to the REAL test with L-Plate!

Every license plate you see in this game has reportedly been seen on the road and there's some pretty clever individuals out there! See if you can translate what their vanity license plates actually mean.

Features include:
- Over 150 vanity plates to translate. Some are very clever and you have to think outside of the box to decipher then but others are somewhat easier to solve. If you don't like the translations or the plates themselves, we apologize, we take them "off the car" so-to-speak and don't make any alterations so we have only the plate owners to blame!
- There are 50 bonus multiple choice questions as well! Using the personalized license plate only, try to guess what job, hobbies or car someone has. You may even have to guess what state a certain license plate came from! You can unlock these bonus questions by solving personal plates in the main L-Plate game, the more you solve, the more bonus questions you get!
- A scoring system allows you to easily track your progress through both the L-Plate and bonus question game modes!
- Our random license plate engine ensures that you don't see duplicate L-Plate or bonus questions (except if you choose to "skip" any in game) until you've exhausted our whole database first!
- There's no time limit on any of the question types, so sit back, relax and enjoy the game!

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