Levin Link is a fun puzzle game. In limited time,you need to match those objects which are same by click them. When one pair of objects were selected,they got removed automaticly.The match through the pair of object can not pass through any other pattern and can not exceed by its maximum turning point of 2.

Every board will appear with a pair of stars and a pair of moon on the object. If the stars or the moon are simultaneously eliminatedyou will get extra bonus.

If you put the objects with moon and star to eliminate at the same time , you will be punished accordingly, and bringing an unpleasant surprise.


Various models with respective characteristic.

Above hundred layouts contain Chinese Culture and so on in the Normal model.

Multiple difficulties in the time Challenge Model as your competition.

Four levels with ten sub-level each in the special model.The square is floating. Speed, accurate and consideration are required to pass each level, or an unpleasant surprise will be the result.

Confident with your intellect? Let’s challenge!

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