Do you like guessing? Do you like spinning a wheel? Then LuckyWheel is the game for you. It's similar to Wheel of Fortune but with a twist.

Play alone or up to two additional players (human or AI) for the victory. Included are hundreds of language-specific proverbs for English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French!!! You can simply change the language with the flick of a finger when starting a new game.

Turn the wheel and try not to hit "bankrupt" or "sit out" and with the correct letters the victory is yours.

The press critically acclaims LuckyWheel as being superior to big budget Sony's Wheel of Fortune:

“LuckyWheel additionally boasts a feature that Wheel of Fortune doesn’t include in any capacity — a fully fledged German-language option, complete with a localized puzzle selection full of German proverbs.”

“[...] LuckyWheel offers gameplay variety that Wheel of Fortune could never dream of.”

“LuckyWheel is a good protest purchase if you want to voice your disappointment in Wheel of Fortune[...]“

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