Ninja powers required!

Mash-a-Mass is a rollicking rock'n roll physics based game. Blow up and fill the screen with weird stuff like ninjas, cogwheels, sumo wrestlers, planes, cans, footballs, sushi, elephants - whatever it takes!

Just be careful not to hit the space invaders and mutated mega bugs while expanding new objects. Rotate the screen while playing to move stuff around and really bury the baddies!

The game play combines twitch action with a surprising amount of strategy and depth. Be smart in manipulating and expanding your mash-up of objects to fill up the screen, and get enemies out of your way.

Besides being a challenging game Mash-a-Mass is also a great "fish-tank" entertainment app. Rolling stuff around and watching the objects and baddies interact with each other and gravity is ever inspiring.


- Original physics based action game play.
- Excellent graphics and special effects.
- Themed worlds. Hillbilly, dojo, circus, jungle, arctic, city, space and more!
- Hundreds of different objects.
- Lots of unique enemies.
- Hundreds of levels.
- Surf rock'n roll Tarantino-esque sound track!

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