Enjoy playing Musical Chairs with friends and family and original music tracks.

This is a game that you can play anywhere.

The premise of the game is a group people dance to music around a group of chairs that is equal to the number of people dancing - 1.

Then, when the music stops everyone must sit on a chair. The person that didn't find a chair to sit on is out of the game. Keep doing this until there is only 2 people and 1 chair. The last person sitting is the winner.

This electronic Musical Chairs game takes away the need to have someone stop the music since it randomly shuts off and it will tell you to remove a chair. It will then play again when Play is pressed.

This current version of Musical Chairs has two musical tracks for Children and Dance. They have been composed by a professional musician and are lots of fun.

At any time in the main menu you can change the music from Children to Dance

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