"The simple ability to meditate, while in a crowded city bus, showed me how much Nano was truly worth. Due to that, as well as how much I actually liked the game, I am giving Nano five-out-of-five stars."
-Blogcritics Magazine

"Ever since I downloaded NANO, I have found myself playing it after a hard day of class. It has really become a sort of an electronic stress ball for me."
-Blast Magazine

"Fade Away and Radiate: Nano Relaxes You with Sight, Sound, Touch."

"Adrian has differentiated himself by bridging two talents to create an experience that few artists can compete with or even conceive of."

"One of the most interesting features is the fact that this game is relaxing in all senses of the word. The particle colors are soothing and the sound track is phenomenal."

"What is wonderful about this game, if it can be called such, is that it is completely open to your interpretation and understanding of the process..."

NANO is a unique and experimental casual-play game meant for relaxation. NANO is a minimalist puzzle, and also an interactive music composition. NANO was created by musician / artist / software designer Adrian Johnson (Rustcycle). Video demo and more info available at

- Dynamic ambient music reflects your progress
- Beautiful motion graphics
- Flow field and particles become more challenging to manipulate with each of the 255 levels
- In-app tips and instructions

- Full screen flow field
- Auto-save upon exit
- AUTOMATA and FIXED flow lines
- Improved stereo audio
- Binary level indicator (hint: the 8 columns of flow lines represent an 8-bit number, columns with FIXED flow lines represent a "1")

Slide your finger across the screen to "paint" the flow of the particles through the magnetic field. The six different-colored particle types have different behaviors and masses for interacting with the field and nodes. Guide benign particles to the spherical Assembler nodes to activate them, and keep malign particles from them. When all nodes are activated, the level is completed. Watch out for the Virus particles!

At the core of NANO is a collection of tones which respond to the state of the Assembler nodes. The tones are all notes which were played on an electric 5-string violin, viola, cello, or acoustic violin - either arco (bowed) or pizzicato (plucked). NANO is as much an interactive ambient composition as a game, with notes recombining in new ways, evolving as you play each level. Headphones recommended!

This app is a miniaturization of an installation artwork being created by the developer (see site for details).

Recommended for fans of Kronos Quartet, Robert Fripp, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Moby; flOw, Flower, Electroplankton, Myst, and PlayAuditorium; Bloom, Koi Pond, Buddha Machine, Enigmo, and Newtonica.

If you enjoy NANO, check out the Graphic-Designer Game Series at

Please make sure you have the 2.2 Software Update (or newer) for your device. For best results, please restart your device before playing NANO. Various apps can tie up system resources, even if it appears you have quit the app - restarting the device will clear the memory.

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