Play virtual minigolf with other Nanogolfers all over the world!

Nanogolf is a rich, multiplayer mini golf community for Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch users. Internet play is seamless -- if you have an iPhone, you can play miniature golf on the road, in meetings, or just from the comfort of your own couch! The beautifully textured 2D interface takes full advantage of Apple's CoreAnimation to provide a fun experience for video game enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

So grab your putter and navigate your ball over water and sand traps, up hilly terrain, through magical teleporters... and victory awaits!


- Quick and easy multiplayer with chat

- Private games, so that you can play with your friends over the internet

- Dozens of challenging holes to play, and more are being added constantly

- A clever, intuitive interface crafted to ensure that your fingers don't betray your intent as a gamer

- Compatibility with the Mac version of Nanogolf

- Single-player mode for practice

- Original music and non-intrusive sound effects

Nanogolf is also available for the Mac. Download it for free from

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