Enter Pachingo, a new game styled after the Japanese game of Pachinko, a device used for amusement and prizes.

The game itself resembles pinball to a certain degree, with a ball being dropped from the top and interacting with pins on the way down, earning points and prizes on different interactions. The machines are widespread in establishments called "pachinko parlors", which also often feature a number of slot machines.

Pachingo takes on this idea and expands upon it with addictive and engaging gameplay.

Aim, Shoot and Clear all the green pins before you run out of balls! Hit special pins to get more balls bouncing, or give you that extra spring you needed. Bonus points awarded for tricky shots. If you're lucky the magic rainbow will save your ball before it is consumed by the fire below! Earn higher points for clearing the most pins total.

With 20+ levels and more content being added regularly, you'll be occupied indefinitely, and the addictive gameplay will keep you always trying to beat that high score. Will appeal to people who like marble games, pinball, peggle, and pachinko! as well many others.

With Pachingo's autosave function, you can always return to the same game you were playing and finish up any time. All high scores will always be saved as well.

- Realistic rigid-body physics system
- Awesome particle graphics and effects
- High-Quality sound effects
- Free downloadable content updates
- Listen to your own music while you play
- Autosave

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