PokerSquares is a version for iPhone and iPod of the traditional game of Poker Squares.

PokerSquares is played on a five by five grid containing twenty-five squares. One regular deck of cards is shuffled and twenty-five cards are dealt one by one to complete a game. Each card dealt must be placed in a square in the grid before the next card is dealt.

Dealt cards may be placed in any free square by touching that square. The card may be moved to any other free square before the next card is dealt.

Touching the Deal button to deal the next card locks in the previous card placement.

The object of PokerSquares is to place each dealt card to make the highest total points possible from the five row Poker hands and the five column Poker hands.

When launched, PokerSquares will display a screen representing a maximum game score. After several seconds, a new game will be created with all squares free and the first card dealt and ready for placement.


Straight flush 30
Four of a kind 16
Straight 12
Full house 10
Three of a kind 6
Flush 5
Two pairs 3
One pair 1

After the 25th card is placed, the game is complete and the total score for the game is displayed.

Touch the info button to bring up the score page which displays the type of each Poker hand, the points awarded for each hand, and the total score for the game.

Touch the Done button to return to the PokerSquares game page.

Touch the NEW GAME button to begin a new game of PokerSquares.

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