Power Towers is recognized for great gameplay and strategy. Here's what makes PowerTowers special:

* Eighteen different missions including the whole Zargovy campaign. From "Heavy Metal" to "Thermopolae", from "Rifles and Goo" to "10K", there's a lot of room to find your groove!
* The dynamic terrain generation is unique. It makes every game a fresh new challenge. Other TD games don't even have terrain.
* Build your perfect defense using nine tower types (plus upgrades). Most TD games have far fewer towers which only look different but act the same. With PowerTowers they have truly different capabilities. Finding the synergies is part of the fun.
* Eight different types of bad guys (plus bosses) that pose distinct challenges. Like the towers, they don't just look different.
* And now the dreaded jihadis have entered the fray, eager to blow themselves up together with your towers! Can you handle them?

There are tons of strategies to explore and develop. PowerTowers focuses on strategy and playability because that's what makes the game fun for us. Stop the bad guys from crossing the screen. Easy to play but hard to master. Can you do it?

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