Reflex Revenge is a game that will challenge your brain and your reflexes. Players have to follow commands presented on the screen as the pace gets faster and faster. If you can't react to the commands quick enough, the game will be over. There are a total of five commands:

1. Pinch In: Place two fingers on the screen and move them towards each other. Similar to zooming out on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

2. Double Tap: Tap the screen twice. Similar to double-clicking a mouse.

3. Slide It: Swipe the screen as if you were unlocking your iPhone or iPod Touch.

4. Shake It: Give your iPhone or iPod Touch a good shake. It doesn't need to be too hard to register.

5. Pinch Out: Place two fingers on the screen and move them away from each other. Similar to zooming in on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

You can play by yourself or with any number of friends in multiplayer mode. In single player mode, the pace keeps getting faster without any pauses. In multiplayer mode, the game will instruct you to "pass it on" after every 3-8 commands.

There are also two difficulty levels, "normal" and "expert". On the normal difficulty, you will be given a visual representation of the command you need to perform along with a sound effect. On the expert difficulty, you will only be given the sound effect with no visual clues. You should get used to the sound effects that go along with each command on normal before moving on to expert.

For each command completed, you earn a point. The maximum possible score is 250 points. A perfect score is very hard to achieve, but not impossible.

If you can't hear sounds, make sure vibrate is turned off and your sound is turned up. If you're playing on a 1st generation iPod Touch, headphones are suggested.

For questions or comments, please visit the support website.

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