-Go straight to the Beast -- only train when you need to
-Train to earn extra REP DOLLARS or to get a headstart in THE BEAST
-6,000 spending REP DOLLARS
-Spend this money to ENHANCE your player IN THE BEAST ONLY!
-Sports drinks, energy bars, new players are all available in the REP STORE

(Money Balls give you Rep Dollars which can be exchanged in the store on the FULL or PRO version only)

-With a flick of your finger you can pass the ball
-Pass to the good guy, REPPY
-Score 100 pts total to qualify for "THE BEAST"
-Score more points to get a 5 sec or 10 sec headstart in the Beast

-Horizontal bar is accuracy, vertical bar is strength
-Press the screen to stop the ball
-Stop the ball in the middle of the accuracy and at the right strength level
-Get more points by hitting shots from long range
-Score 75 pts total to qualify for "THE BEAST"
-Score more points to get a 5 sec or 10 sec headstart in the Beast

-Flick up, down, right or left to move your player in the right direction
-Avoid touching any of the bad guys on your way to making lay-up to score
-Score 16 pts total to qualify for "THE BEAST"
-Score more points to get a 5 sec or 10 sec headstart in the Beast

-Tap the screen to dunk the good balls
-Miss a ball or tap a bad ball or character and lose lives
-Score 200 pts total to qualify for "THE BEAST"
-Score more points to get a 5 sec or 10 sec headstart in the Beast

-Think of it like the American Gladiators Eliminator
-Complete each mini-game to move onto the next
-Pay careful attention of each instruction listed during the transition screens
-The listed use of enhancements is also mentioned in the transition screens
-Use your enhancements and players to give you an edge (i.e timeout will freeze the bad guys!)
-Get the fastest time and get awarded points and Rep Dollars!!!!!!!


Register your player and immediately begin the training process. Start off with the original character, "Reppy" and train him to be the best. Work on your shooting, passing, running and dunking drills. Collect moneyballs along the way and convert them into Rep Dollars. Through hardwork and determination, improvements will show and you will be ready to test your skills against the best of a multi-player skills game called "The Beast!" (Full and Pro version only)

Use your Rep Dollars at the official Rep Store in the Full or Pro version. Exchange these dollars for "enhancements" that can guarantee your player will be best equipped to take on the obstacles of the "The Beast!" Choose from enhancements such as sports drinks, energy bars and much more. Save up to exchange your dollars for a new player that possesses a different skill set. Find the player that best works with you!

To be the best, you have to post the best times in "The Beast." So, get ready for an exciting sports game that is unlike any other. Rise through the ranks and claim the number 1 status. Win monthly bling that can be proudly showcased for your fans to see.

Don't wait, start representin' today with "Represent" b-ball! See you on the courts.

Have feedback? Is something not working properly? Help us improve this application by sending an email to We appreciate the assistance and will work hard to answer all of your questions or concerns.


Represent Team

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