Rock’n’Roll Dice - RPG Dice Roller

Rolling dice has never been more visually appealing and fun! “Rock'n'Roll Dice” is, without a doubt, the most stunning dice rolling application on the market. Ideal for Dungeon Masters and dice rolling fanatics around the world.  

With the flip of your wrist you can roll your dice over beautiful landscapes and menacing creatures.  "Rock'n'Roll Dice" is a must have for for all dice enthusiasts and collectors.  There is no question this is the most aesthetically appealing dice rolling application in the iTunes App Store!

• For Dungeons & Dragons fans (and other board games)

• Features over 30 Fantasy backgrounds by various artists
• 12 different dice textures to choose from
• Pick any kind of dice combination
• Dice results displayed in two different ways
• Realistic dice rolling physics

• Totally random number generation
• Use of Physics Engine

• Use for any board game

“Rock’n’Roll Dice” (for desktop) was downloaded over 10,000 times in it's first months! "Rock'n'Roll Dice" was Apple's "Staff Pick"!

Must have for Role Playing fanatics.

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