In this game, your goal is to roll a stone and take all the stars in each level by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch. The score is decreasing with time and you need more than zero points to unlock the next level.

Netplay allows you to upload not only your high score but also your recorded path to a global high score server. The game will then let you play against the player that is just above you in the high score list and you will see both your stone and your opponent's stone in a multiplayer ghost mode.

Some features:
- 30 different levels to play through - some of them are huge!
- Use the accelerometers to control the stone
- Realistic physics with bouncing and rolling of the stone
- Ghost multiplayer mode

"The changes in play mechanics from level to level are suble but significant and make you want to pass just one more level to see what you’re up against this time, and the level layouts are large with lots to explore." - Premium Spotlight review at

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