New for version 1.1
New Safes
New Items
Timer Mode
Turn Based Mode
Safe Handle Animation For Wrong Attempts
Improved Safe Handle Swipe Tracking
Yellow Bug Should Be Fixed Now
Other Bug Fixes

Do you need to waste a couple of minutes? Then you can do so and work your brain at the same time.

SafeCracker is a code breaking game in which you must guess the combination to the safe to get whatever is hidden inside. Simply use the number wheels to put in your guess then try the handle. If your guess is correct the lights will turn green. Next the handle will turn. Then your prize will be revealed. However if you are not correct lights will show up to help you with your next guess.

Red - The number is not in the code.
Yellow - The number is in the code but in a different spot.
Green - The number is correct.

There are 13 unique safe designs and the safes can contain from 2 to 5 dials. This gives you a combination of 52 different safes to open. Also there are 34 items to find in the safes and the game will keep track of your collection.

Think 5 dial safes are too hard or 2 dial safes are too easy. No problem just go into the settings and turn them off. You can have as much or as little challenge as you want. You can also now setup challenge modes that give you a limited number of turns and time.

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