SafeKracka is a complex psychological puzzle that will test your ability to get into other people's minds.

You have a series of 30 safes to crack. That's a lot of combinations. However you know the owner of each safe, and understand that people usually choose a combination with personal significance, like a birth date, a special event, or even an old army serial number. All you have to do is read their minds!

Some combinations will come easily, others may take days - even require research! But difficulty is rewarded and you can check your ability against all other players worldwide, as you progress from Apprentice to Grand Master SafeKracka!


* No time limit - this may take you months.
* Beautifully rendered safe artwork - historic, contemporary and futuristic designs.
* Play the game in any order - just swipe left or right for another safe.
* Easy-to use rolling combination interface - just flick with your finger
* Opened safes reveal their secret and are automatically saved.
* 'Guest Mode' allows you to reset the game temporarily so a friend can test their skill.
* Compare your ability by direct link to online score database.

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