In the year 2041 the "New Way" party takes control of the U.S. government.

They quickly implement a series of reforms - banning many scientific advancements they claim are "unharmonious with reality."

Laws are passed making many chemicals and "dissonant" medical products illegal. Discussion of science in the press and internet is tightly regulated.

Your mission is to travel from city to city buying and selling goods to scientists, medical professionals, teachers and other citizens in need.

Hopefully you can make a little money in the process.

This game follows the format of other classic "wars" games (such as Dopewars / Dope Wars).

Unexpected events can result in price surges or drops.

"Uncle Fran's Loan & Pawn" is happy to lend you money - but at a substantial interest rate.

Traded commodities include:

Dihydrogen Monoxide
Science Books
Health Guides
Water Sanitizer
Chemistry Sets
Polio Vaccine
Satellite Modems
Computer Cores
DNA Sequencing Kits

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