“Sticky Tongue” is a really fun game, well-adapted for one or two player short game sessions on the same device... but it also offers a real challenge to hardcore players!

You can connect to your Facebook’s account to share and compare hi-scores with your friends !

So let’s try the two game modes :

“single player” mode : With four tiny hungry frogs, you will achieve the best possible score by catching the most flies !
“two players” mode : Two players compete face to face. The first player to catch a given number of flies (determined in the options) wins the duel !

How to play ?

> To stretch a frog’s tongue, you must press on the frog’s head and then release. The tongue stretches more or less depending on the pressure duration!

> At each level, 10 flies are released. When all the flies are caught, the player goes up to the next level. The flies move more quickly in increasingly variable directions as you go up in levels.

> If all the flies of a level are not caught before the time limit, the game is over!

> Every fly caught gives you points depending on the current level, but also depending on the number of flies caught in a row! If a tongue stretch doesn’t touch a fly, the bonus multiplier falls to 1!

> Bonus points are also awarded based on remaining time when the level is completed. You’re in a hurry!

Enjoy !

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