SuDoPu is a unique combination of SoDuKu and Tile Puzzle. The field is already filled with all the numbers on random positions and depending on the level you selected some of them are locked to the field and can’t be moved, others you can move on the screen by touching them and dragging the to the position (up,down,left or right - no random switching, you have to move them like in Tile Puzzels). The moved tile will push all the tiles on the way towards the original position. Double tap the screen any time to get to the menu. From there you can decide if you want to play a classic 9x9 or 4x4 grid SoDoKu Puzzle or a much simpler 9x9 or 4x4 ‘Cage’.
In the classic SoDoKu mode the full SoDoKu rules apply - every number is allowed only once in every row and every column and every cage (marked by the darker and lighter shades) may contain every number only once. In the ‘Cage’ mode only the first two rules apply. 4x4 mode and Cage mode are best for beginners and smaller children - still to hard? You can turn feature that shows you all the rows, columns and cages that are correct according to the rules - this will make it much easier for beginners (and it will make experts faster) - this make this game the perfect tool to introduce SuDoKu to your kids - but it offers also expert modes for hours of game play. In the options menu you can also change the layout of the tiles.
The Hall of Fame will contain the scores of the Top Ten in each game category for the goals of ‘time to solve’, ‘moves to solve’ and ‘moves per minute’ - there are many ways to win and enter the Hall of Fame.

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