Hopefully it won't happen - but in the near future the United States could find itself in the midst of a swine flu epidemic.

Popular commodities that provide protection or relief from the flu are in extremely short supply.

Your mission is to travel from city to city buying and selling goods that people need to maintain their quality of life - or at least survive.

Hopefully you can make a little money in the process.

This game follows the format of other classic "wars" games (such as Dopewars / Dope Wars).

Unexpected events can result in price surges or drops.

If you're tight on money - "Crazy Jim's Payday Loans" will spot you some cash – but at a substantial interest rate.

Make the wrong choices - and you might even come down with the swine flu yourself.

Traded commodities include:

Tissue Paper
Cherry Cough Drops
Hand Sanitizer
Face Masks
Pink Tummy Remedy
Bakon Bits
Swine Flu Test Kits
Vaxinal H1N1-S17

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