A fast game for two players!

Every player has its own button and counter.
Every button tap increases your counter by 1.
The goal is to have more taps in a limited time then the other player.


You put your iPhone / iPod Touch on some flat surface like table and you sit opposite to each other.

Then you choose one of three possible games:

10 seconds match
20 seconds match
30 seconds match

and fun begins!

For example, if you choose to play a 30 seconds match, you have to tap your button as fast as you can for 30 seconds!
Winner is a player who has more taps!

Every player also has a small lights near button. The lights change in real-time. While you are playing,
if your scores are close together then lights are turned off. If you have more taps then the other player
your lights will turn green, and his red.

TapMania also has a great sound effects which increases tension and drives you to tap faster!

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