“Long-awaited boxing game is coming!”

Tilt the iPhone and dodge the opponent with comical motions and knock down the opponent with strong straight punches, hook punches, uppercuts, and body blows!

Smooth operability and lovable opponent characters. Those who are not a boxing fan can enjoy this game.

Easy operation
[1] Sway the opponent with right and left jabs
[2] Knock down the opponent with a strong punch when his guard is down
S: Straight punch
B: Body blow
U: Uppercut
F: Hook punch
!: Knockout blow

Let's play the game many times and find hidden strong knockout blows!

[How to attack]
Dodge the opponent’s punches promptly and sway him with right and left jabs and get closer to him to throw body blows, uppercuts and, when his guard is down, straight punches or hook punches!

Rush aiming to become the champion!

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