Have you ever wanted to take control of the traffic lights in your area? Well now you can.

You'll have 6 intersections and 4 levels of traffic to work with as you try and manage all the lights. Don't cause too many accidents and don't keep people waiting too long at the red lights or it's game over.

In easy mode, it's easy cruising without too many cars to bother you. Medium turns up the heat when more cars and more entrance points are introduced. Take it all the way up to Insane and you'll be given rush hour traffic like no other!

- 4 different levels of difficulty are available to test your skills.
- Sandbox mode to just play without fear of losing (click on the cars to make 'em explode!).
- Local high score is tracked so you can see how good you're doing.
- Very simple yet highly engaging gameplay.

Think you have what it takes? Let's see!

Future Releases:
- Online Stats Tracking
- More Car Types
- More Maps

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