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In Treasure, you're a pirate who is out to capture all the treasure you can!

There have been many different, fun, captivating brick breaker or breakout like games in the past, but none of them were ever like Treasure. They're all similar in some ways and different in others. Treasure continues the tradition but adds several new twists! The least of which is that there is no paddle at the bottom of the screen, because YOU control the ball!

To win, you must clear each board of different color bricks first and then clear all the Treasure bricks after. In order to clear colored bricks, keys and locks, you hit paint cans to change the color of the ball. Be careful though, there are poison bricks, lasers, tunnels, bombs and more! Every level is a different kind of challenge!

Features include:
* Full Instructions
* Finger Swipe OR Accelerometer Tilt Game Control
* Save / Pause / Resume games
* Scoreboard on Top OR Bottom of game screen
* Sound On/Mute feature
* Practice Mode to hone your skills on each level
* Save High Scores

FULL Version
* Over 30 levels of play and MORE TO COME!

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