Video Slot 75 Bingo is a video slot machine simulation game. It is based on a classic and famous video slot machine. The game object is getting the highest prize. Bet it, roll it, hold it , double it, and win it.

Main feature:
1. Simple and fun.
2. 3 line , 5 reels .
3. You can bet on line 1 - line 3 with max 5 on each line.
4. When you double your prize money up, you will play a poker game. Win or Lost depends on whether the card is big or small. A-6 is small while 7-K is big.
5. You can hold on reels for getting higher prize
6. When you collect 'F' 'E' 'V' 'E' 'R' bells on a game, you will enter bell bonus game. In the bell bonus game, you have 7 times free spin and hold . You will have extra bonus if bells show in the reels. And starred-orange will be used both as star and as orange. In normal game mode, starred-orange is use as orange. This means you have more chances to win jackpot.
7. Rich game rules. Japan Pachislot style prize system.
8. T.Chinese / S.Chinese / Japanese / English user interface are supported.

1. If you have enough credit, press Spin(Start) to start rolling with last bet.
2. You can click each reel for holding. But this will cost you additional bet.

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