Even the oxygen is frozen on Easho, the coldest planet in the Universe. For many millennia the little Bambams have been living a peaceful life, huddled tightly together in their dens, deep under the ice crust.

But now, fear has arrived on Easho. Ugly Groox are tunnelling through the ice and with their foul breath threaten the Bambams' happiness. Already now, many Bambams have been infected!

Are you able to fight the ruthless hordes and protect the innocent Bambams? Can you save the Bambams that have fallen ill already? How long can you withstand the brutal attackers? Deftly stack your stash of snowballs, aim them at the Groox and rescue the Bambams in a fierce snowball fight!


* Pack those snowballs tightly: with the Snowball-o-Matic!
* Never tire of targeting and throwing: just Touch'n'Target!
* Show your skills: submit them to the Intergalactic Highscore!

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