Game Name: x300
Project Name: xTroy
Made by
version: 1.0 (first release)

Spartan blocks the enemy to pass by the big valley in order to protect his country, greece ~

We are given a mission to defend the valley with small army.

We can attack the enemy with blade, arrow and so on.
And we can defend the valley with 'band' defense (the effective tight defense method).

The way of blade attack
1. select one of spartan (black or red - commander)
2. touch the blade button
3. touch the enemy or position of background
(If you touch one position of background, it will detect the enemies and attack them until your spartan reach the selected position.)

The way of arrow attack
- it's similar with the way of blade attack

The way of 'band' defense
1. select the red spartan. (touch red spartan in real game or push the red spartan button in left control pannel).
2. touch 'band' button, and then all spartans get together and form defense wall.

Have fun game with x300 !

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