YouPong makes your face into the ball in a simple 2D pong game. Just snap a picture, and YouPong will automatically recognize your face! (you can also choose the picture from the photo library)

You can play YouPong by yourself in 1-player mode or with a friend in 2-player mode. It's the perfect game to show off the advanced processing power of the iPhone!

YouPong is the only game for iPhone that makes your face the center of attention. Surprise a friend by challenging her to a game of YouPong with her own face! Or tap the "Share on Facebook" icon to share what you are doing with your friends.

Download YouPong, the only game for iPhone that stars you!

Note to commenters: We are listening to your suggestions! We are actively developing an alternative to the automatic facial recognition, and we have fixed other bugs. An update will be on the way soon!

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