We are not shooting bananas, but doing a cool way of shooting which makes the shot go around obstacles in a banana-like curve and hit things behind, leaving the cunning enemies nowhere to hide, just like the cool guys in movies.

This is not pure magic, but with solid science (more in footnote), and quite intuitive if you try. Swing the gun when you trigger, then you are not only firing but also “throwing” the shot. The air drag will help you make a curve, which is however highly difficult to get perfect. If you want this help as well as challenge, why not lay down your iPhone or iTouch and test your skills?

- Using the iPhone/iTouch home button as shooter's standing point
- Easy and precise touch-slide-release control
- Realistic (somewhat) and consistent physics simulation
- Realistic animation and sound
- Levels helping players learn the skill, including a customizable one!

Do NOT try this technique on any real weapon

When you swing the gun while firing, you give the bullet a tangent velocity added to the muzzle velocity, and make an angle of attack (AOA) between Vsum and the bullet’s pointing direction. Due to the shape of the bullet, the air drag on Vtan is larger and pushes the bullet into a curve. This shooting requires precise control on swinging speed and triggering time, which is challenging and fun.

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