The defense line in space was broken. Shoot it in the final defense line on UFO.

Content of game:
When the attack and the missile etc. of UFO are received to the ground, it is the earth damage.
When the earth damage becomes 100%, it is game over.
There is a stage from level 1 to level 10 and the boss appears ..level 5 and level 10...
The battleship that sinks every the score 1000 points revives.
To three or less in obtaining the replenishment goods dropped by the replenishment machine that appears regularly by the battleship.

Manner of operation:
The angle of the barrel of the battery and the movement of the battleship are operated by the [tacchisuraido] of two slide bars by the finger.
It ..a certain stop button.. touches the lower right to stop the clock on the way.

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