Ask a Ninja Presents: I AM NINJA - Archery

Get ready for some classic Ninja versus CPU bow-bending, arrow-gliding, archery action!

You are a Ninja, standing alone in the woods, with a bamboo wall separating you from your opponent. Sometimes it's day and sometimes it's night. But no matter what time it is, your opponent wants to KILL you. So, kill him first! Then, advance to the next level.

Aim your bow, adjust the strength, pay attention to the wind speed and direction (!) -- and release. A body shot takes away 1 of 2 hearts from your opponent. A head shot takes 2 of 2 hearts, leaving him a lifeless failure. Aim for the head.

Work fast, because your Ninja can only lose 4 hearts before leaving this world for the ninj-afterlife! And the insults can be stinging -- dead ninjas don't get any breaks. [Featuring voice overs from THE ninja!]

Each time you advance to a new round, the bamboo obstacle will get higher to keep things interesting. You'll have to adjust your angle and power accordingly.

Think Bowman, but with immersive sound and graphics, game levels, and Ask a Ninja goodness!


The free "I AM NINJA - Archery" game is just one of the mini-games that comes with the full I AM NINJA game. The full game includes a main game called "Confrontation" + 3 mini games to play between levels for earning extra cash (archery + 2 more). And that cash buys you great new weapons that will help you really kick some pirate & zombie butt!

The full I AM NINJA game also includes streaming Ask a Ninja episode viewer, Ask a Ninja community access, you can ask the Ninja a question that could be answered in a future episode, and you can post your high scores to the global high score board.

So after you practice your archery skill, be sure to download the full app and help support independent media! Plus, it's Flippin' Amazing!

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