BrainFreeze XL for the longest puzzle fun on hand designed levels for one amazingly small price.
BrainFreeze - the ultimate puzzle fun - incorporates all the things you expect from an extraordinary puzzle game and more:
Easy to learn and self teaching, up to very hard levels, many extras throughout the game. Main game, and in-between bonus sets and many extra packs, playable with just one hand through motion sensor or with tapping, all level hand designed and thoroughly tested. Try it out and see why this is perfects for short breaks and long puzzling streaks. Solve levels or play against the time. Try to beat the moves of others, find the optimal moves. So many reasons to keep on playing.

Includes 9 level packs.

- hand designed and hand tested level (NO generic-random level)
- truly hundreds of those hand designed levels (created and test over a year)
- easy to learn game (the tutorial is just one pages, but actually you can just start playing it)
- game extends over time with more specialties (NO stays-the-same-gameplay)
- basic game with local (and online) high score and over 100 levels
- bonus sets that are unlocked through the game
- many extra level sets with around 30 levels each
- one hand mode: playable via motion sensor
- tapping mode, to be independent of tilting
- modes different game modes: tricky level, time challenges, minimal moves challenges, mutli-star challenges, ...
- beat minimal move-highscores of others
- find the perfect solution
- unlock achievements and gain OpenFeint points
- beat the different online highscores
- all that with hand drawn artwork and carefully designed sound effects
Many many hours of fun for such a small price. Simply the best arcade puzzle action out there!

The game objective seems simple: Pair up cubes of the same color. You can move the cubes by tilting your iPhone or by touching the screen. Beware, all cubes move all the way until they hit an obstacle. Once two cubes end their moves next to each other they dissolve and you continue with the rest. Throughout the game more and more challenges await you. You will discover dozens of extras and unlock fun bonus levels!

- „My brain hurts. But his game is awesome“ (Ladoki)
- „I would pay 20 bucks for it!“ (sadraddude)
- "Great, GREAT game. (...) This is the reason the app store is so addictive and compelling, because you find little gems like this.“ (Banfilidh)
- „I’m addicted!!! This ist he best game ever!!!! I love puzzle games and this one tops them all!!“ (happycampr)
- „This is a great game to keep you sharp! It’s original and challenging.“ (mrholder)
- „BrainFreeze is a lot of fun either for a short game or for a longer session, and you’ll find yourself playing longer than you anticipated.“ (AlbieOne)
- „Get it now!!!!“ (Mii123me)

You like Puzzle-Games like Blocked , Tetris (R) , Enigmo , Edge or Bejeweled ?
You think a Game should be controlled with the Accelerator like Super Monkey Ball or Labyrinth ?
You need a real Brain Challenge like Gehirntraining (TM) ?
... Then give BRAINFREEZE a try !

Frosty Music recommendations while playing: Snow Patrol, Polarkreis 18, Coldplay

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