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Poker Pocket Knife™ is an extended set of tools that provide quick access to thousands of accurate calculations for a wide variety of poker scenarios. We deliver precise results in an easy to use interface which allows users to rapidly input or retrieve information. Our interface is designed to provide a smooth and familiar user experience consistent with the quality expected on this platform.

INCLUDES our standalone HST Odds Calculator as well as an array of additional odds tools and utilities.

The PPK features our ‘Common Match-ups’ tool which allows rapid display of common showdowns using our custom dual-hand slide-n-hide card selector, displaying the results instantly. Easily scroll through frequent showdowns in real time.

We also included an advanced small blind profitability calculation technique commonly known as the Sklansky-Chubukov tables. We have improved upon this technique by adding an optional factoring of ante data into the formula, an innovative contribution to the poker community and an industry first.

• INCLUDES our stand-alone HST Odds Calculator product

• Common Match-ups - rapid hand vs hand showdown tool

• Pot odds calculator - simple, quick calculation of pot odds

• Scare card - holding a pair and having an over-card on the flop

• Ax, Kx, Qx... vs Random Hand data

• Sklansky-Chubukov calculations with optional factoring of ante data

• Ace Kicker - detailed odds of being out kicked when holding Ax and more

• Starting Hands - odds of getting dealt hands

• Percent to Odds Converter tool
Thousands of calculations at your fingertips

FREE UPDATES! This product is designed to seamlessly implement future upgrades of additional common / basic poker tools that become ready for deployment in the future. We are committed to expanding the tools included in the Poker Pocket Knife™ and offering them as free updates to its existing users.

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