"I really like this kind of pointless obsession!"

"It's a luxury to have such a rich experience from Cho-Han gambling."

"Elegant pictures and a nice design."

...and so on. We are thankful for the many excellent reviews!

We have just lowered our price by 50% so
you can enjoy yourself even more at half the cost.

Have a fun time indulging in Cho-Han gambling with a shoulder-baring voluptuous
Japanese geisha!

This game really comes to life with its intense and dazzling full-screen movies!

You will be pulled into the depths of the gambling den by seductive waitresses,
sneering merchants, knife-brandishing bodyguards and deadly ninjas!

Be victorious and see the geisha's sister appear out of nowhere!

Also, don't forget to engrave your name on our world-ranking high-score server!

Since this game includes English subtitles, even non-Japanese speakers can
understand and enjoy the elegant atmosphere of a traditional gambling den.

If you are fully prepared, enter and experience GEISHA'S DICE!!

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