This is the classic Knight's Tour puzzle . . . made more challenging!

Using only the standard chess knight's moves, can you land on all 64 spaces on the chess board?

Clicking the "New Game" button brings up a choice of 3 levels:

1: Hit all 64 squares – This is the classic Knight's Tour challenge.

2: End where you began – Your starting point is marked by a house icon, and your challenge is to land one knight's move away from this icon, after landing on all the other squares.

3: Random start & end – You're given a random starting and ending point, with the ending point marked by a bullseye icon. Your challenge is to hit all 64 squares, AND finish on this square. (Yes, this is always solvable.)

Rules, interface usage, and credits can be accessed by clicking the i (information button) directly underneath the game board.

Once you've made your first move, you can also take back your previous moves one at a time (using the left-facing arrow), or jump all the way back to the beginning (using the rewind arrow).

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