Pencil Pusher Cipher Break is a brain game word puzzle in which the letters in a phrase are scrambled. Your goal is to unscramble the letters and decipher the phrase. Look for patterns of letters and words to decipher and unscramble the phrase.

Drag gold letters onto the corresponding jumbled letter on the Decipher bar and you’ll see the resulting text in the solution box. Get it wrong and the letter will turn red. It’s challenging but fun and rewarding. Try to decipher the phrase in the shortest time possible. If you get stuck you can press the Hint button, but each hint will cost you 1 minute of time, so use it wisely.


- Instructions are provided in the info menu and automatically show when game is started for the first time.

- 100 levels of quotes and sayings to decode, ranging from funny to profound.

- Game progress is saved so you can pick up where you left off.

- Complete drag and drop interface, no typing required.

- Record times are saved.

- iPod Music will play in the background.

Some Tips:

- Look for patterns such as double letters. The most common double letters are:

ss ee tt ff ll mm oo

- Also look for two and three letter words. The most common are:

of to in it is be as at
so we he by or on do

the and for are but not you
all any can had her was
one our out

- Also look for frequently used letters. The most frequently used letters are:


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