Fab Five is a gobang (renju, Kakugo, Morphion, Five-in-row) game for both serious veteran players and new learners. Master gobang players now have a ideal playground and a very strong AI opponent; new players got a good teacher and will master the game quicker than ever.

The master AI player in Fabulous Fives is "Shifu". Is he the strongest AI gobang player in App Store? Try to challenge him and know the answer!

Very smart gobang engine that can learn from its failure. Tell me if you defeated Shifu! (Caution: The more you win, the stronger Shifu will be, :)

A fair game by built-in international gobang game rule (the first-go side is prohibited to form certain shapes, including double-3,doulbe-4, long-run).

International standard board size (15 x 15).

Play with the engine in 2 difficulty levels, Shifu the master and Tudu the apprentice.

Playback your fabulous victory.

Play with your friend face to face.

Option to set the number of retraction.

Rich in-game tips, dangerous tip and rule tip.

When no way to win current game, allow you to surrender politely, so save your time.

Again, an app very easy to use and few to be configured.

More excited features will be added soon!

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