Make Num (Sum It Up) is now featured in the "What's Hot" section of the App Store.

Put that calculator away, and put on your thinking cap!
Time to get back to basics and have "sum" fun with Make Num!
You can compete with other brainiacs from all over the world!!


Use as many numbered cells as possible to achieve the sum indicated at the top of the screen for each level. The more cells you use, the higher your score.
But don't be slow--you only have 90 seconds to complete the "quiz!" Speed is rewarded with special bonuses (additional time on the clock, bonus multipliers, etc.)
Develop your own strategy based on your math skills and speed to achieve the highest score!

The above description has been updated by Mary Ellen Zigli.


* Game Mode
- Normal Mode: numbers from 10 to 39 are presented for 90 seconds.
- Hell Mode: numbers from 10 to 69 are presented for 90 seconds.

* Items
- "Next": lets you go to the next item.
- "+3/+5 sec": extends the game time for another 3/5 seconds.
- "X2/X3": makes the score which you will get double/triple.

* Ranking
- Local Ranking.
- World Ranking Server: Normal/Hell Top 100.
. To register a score, tap on it.

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