The "Smart Tiles" game is based on the well-known fifteen puzzle. The goal of this magic puzzle is to arrange the tiles in correct order from 1 to 15 using the empty space.

Want to rack your brains with famous addictive game? Would like to send a challenge to iPhone? Interested in learning to solve this puzzle? All of these you can do with "Smart Tiles". And it makes this game really intelligent. Try it.

You can quit your game in any moment and it will be resumed from exactly left state of the puzzle later. With different themes it's possible to customize the game appearance.

Main features:

Challenge mode against iPhone
Trainer mode to study the solution of the puzzle :
* Next tile - to place correctly next tile
* All tiles - to place correctly all tiles and thus solve the puzzle
Different skins
Resuming the game
"New game" generates only solvable initial states

Youtube demo video :

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