Includes 41 sound effects of handling paper money.

< Currency >

'Count World Money' includes paper money of following currencies. If you want to add your countries currency send me email!

* US Dollar
* Euro
* Japanese Yen
* Korean Won

< Modes >

There are 3 modes to play:

* Normal
* Game
* Unlimited

In Normal mode you will count number of paper money for each level.

In Game mode 'Count World Money' includes coins which let you do some math (coins give instructions like '+23', '-10', 'Change 2nd digit to 3', etc.).

In Unlimited mode there are no levels. Just count and add as many as possible. Let's see how many can you count (Press 'Done' button when you want).

< Steps to play the game >

* Select currency
* Select whether manual swipe or auto swipe (2 seconds interval)
* Select a mode to play
* Add the value of each paper money.
* Swipe the money to the right to move paper money and see the next money. In Auto swipe mode, money moved to the right automatically.

In game mode:

* Special coins give instructions like '+4', '-4', etc. Apply this to the current sum.

< World Score Server >

You can send your high score to world score server when you touch [Submit] on high scores screen.

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