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Feel your inner Voice, clear your mind.

Zazen is one of the trainings to find your genuine self while looking at your inner self.

If you play "The Zen", you are able to be free from stress, everytime, everywhere.

Please try this!

If you like iFitness by Medical Productions, Koi Pond by The Blimps Pilots and iBonsai by Brainpower Labs, you will love this App " The Zen".

There is a Questionnaire on High Score page. After answer that questionnaire, you can get new 2 games, "Muscle" and "Duo" .

Muscle is hard excercise application, like boxercise.
Duo is good for to play with firend.

We are convinced of the game makes you happy.

Special Thanks:
When developping this app,it cooperated by Kenninji what is the oldest zen temple in japan.

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