Dreamed to be a CEO? Why not be another type of C.E.O: "Chief Elevator Operator" !!

Being a good C.E.O is not that easy, you need to have a fast action and good memory; remember which floor your guest what to go and stop at that floor. Make sure you don't keep them inside the elevator too long, otherwise they will fall asleep and never get out from your elevator.

If you keep too many people inside the elevator it may overloaded and the game will be over.

- Press the up and down button to control the elevator
- Press the open button to open the door.

- Open the door wisely because people will get in the elevator randomly.
- Press the "alarm" button can wake the people up, but the alarm battery is limited so use it for emergency only!

This is a very unique game testing your memory and how fast your reaction is, purchase now for just 0.99 USD in this promotion period.

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