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Fast-paced 3d flight simulator that brings to life the air war between the Axis and Allies. Play in either arcade or simulator mode. Take your pick between flying a P-51 Mustang or Messerschmitt Bf-109. Fly exciting missions including bomber escorts and interception of V1 "buzz bomb" cruise missiles. Plot out a course of action and keep your eyes peeled.

Fight or Flight uses maximum texture memory for good game experience and high poly count with LOD (level of detail) to show small details and retain playable performance. There is also plenty of smoke and fire effects for arcade fun. Dynamic clouds are used to provide additional variety of gameplay.


You are presented with a choice between arcade play, with a steady stream of enemies, or simulator play, with a fixed and small number of enemy planes per mission. Then you select an aircraft. For purposes of the simulation they are essentially identical in performance.

The U.S. P-51 Mustang has a larger supply of ammunition (6 × 0.50 in. machineguns with 480 inboard/270 outboard rounds).

The German Bf109 variant has a single powerful 30 mm cannon with 65 rounds, cannon in addition to smaller 2 × 13 mm machine guns with 300 rounds.

-Arcade play-

In arcade mode, you must head a certain distance in the specified direction. After each kill you have an additional two minutes. When you shoot down an enemy plane it will drop a "powerup" which is a letter you must run into to receive a certain benefit.

A - Restores most of your ammunition
D - Repairs most of the damage to your plane
P - Adds a substantial increase in power to your guns
S - Decreases speed of enemy planes

-Bombers and cruise missiles-

Bombers and V1 "buzz bombs" are, when involved in the mission, the primary focus. You must defend your own side's assets from enemy fighters and destroy their opposing assets. Enemy fighters will always go after your bomber first. V1s leave a trail of exhaust vapors which make them easy to spot, but their small size makes them a tough target. Lancaster bombers are large targets but can pack a powerful punch with their many machineguns.

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