Based on I'm Destroyer, we present I'm Destroyer 2.The new character style!'t miss it. Game description: This game is the upgrade of "Destroyer". 100 more levels are created, the total amounting to 300. More challenges and brain-racking are to be involved in the new game, making it more difficult yet more fun. Your task remains the same- to blow out objects that do not fit in. Never let go of your robot, or you will fail the task. Instructions: ? You can blow out the wooden cases, wheels, balloons and some other objects by aiming and touching the screen with your finger. ? It is safe to land your robot on the black iron ore which can't be destroyed. ? There is a limited number of bombs. Be careful not to drop your robot even after you use up the bombs, or you will fail.Charge standard: New levels are charged seperately from the original game. Upgrade the game and you get to experience the first 20 new levels, but you have to purchase any of the following 80 levels for $0.99 each to continue the fun.~~~~~~~~~~~MSN:clmiphone@hotmail.comFollow us on us on

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