In Three Kingdoms period. The war lasted too many years, there were not enough soldiers and the people were sinking deeper into dire circumstances in Three Kingdom. Three emperors decided to hold a Big2 competition. Who becomes the champion in the competition was the hegemon of Three Kingdoms.

Three Kingdoms Big2 is a traditional Big2 game. It has simple and convenient game control and exquisite graphics.
Four charaters can be chosen in this game at present. Except Liu Bei, Sun Quan and Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang who is the military counselor of Shu joins the game. Some other Charaters will join the game in the next version. You can choose the charater who you like to play the game. Every charater has lovely sculpted. The charaters will do some action to make you fun in the game.
If you win the game, you will get some money from the other charaters. When you have enough money, you can conscribe more soldiers and then you will rule Three Kingdoms.



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