Outwit your opponent in this fun game of strategy! Aura cleverly mixes the feeling of Chess and Checkers with a bit of finger painting to create a unique new experience!

• For 1 or 2 players
• Peer to Peer Support
• Interactive training
• Help Documentation
• Hints
• Move Previewing
• Move By Tapping or Dragging
• Unlimited UNDO
• Auto saving
• Sound FX & Music
• Two A.I. Models
• Watch the A.I. Fight Itself
• Slider Based Difficulty

"...I find that when I have time to kill, even with well over 100 apps, I constantly go to this particular game... Aura is a fantastic find..."

"What a great unique game. It is in a class of its own..."

"...Easily outshines chess and checkers..."

"After a few quick looks at the tutorials I was hooked on this incredible game..."

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