Enter the dark moonlight of m:Vampire to feed your bloodlust, turn innocents into fledgling vampires and defeat your rivals to become the ultimate Coven Lord.

FREE -- 25 Gems for a limited time!

- m:Vampires lets you play anywhere on your iPhone or iPod touch, or connect-with and challenge your Facebook Friends.
- Dozens of missions will occupy your nightly sojourns, from seducing runaways and draining mortal’s blood to exterminating werewolves and collecting blood tributes.
- Automatically fight back against insubordinate vampires who challenge your authority using real time news and top player status feeds.
- Grow your Coven by inviting your Facebook friends, or use player IDs, SMS or email to notify all your friends.
- Stats keep track of your every conquest and help guide you to vampire imortality
- The Elders help you to stay healthy and offer forbidden ways – at a cost -- to overpower your enemies
- A vast hoard of weapons, armor, land and vehicles are available to enhance your attacks, build your defenses and generate illicit income for your vampire

Become Immortal!

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NOTE: m:Vampire is an online game only and requires a WiFI, 3G or EDGE connection to play.

Keywords: vampire, vampires, coven, clan, RPG, blood, online, undead,

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